Paid or Organic Marketing – What’s Best for You?


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Do you want to go fast or slow? Fast will cost you in terms of dollars and slow may take too long.

SEM or search engine marketing is a component of a paid marketing strategy is a component of. The most common form of paid marketing is Google Ads. In Google Ads your money is in competition with other websites and you are bidding for keywords that you believe your audience is searching.

SEO or search engine optimization is a type of an organic marketing strategy. SEO is the practice of “playing by the rules” of Google to make a site unique and well dressed. These “rules” that allow a site to rank at the top include, having unique content and keywords that your audience searches for.

A paid marketing campaign is the fast way to get there. If you are launching or gauging interest in a specific product or service, a paid campaign is a great way to get traffic fast. Fast traffic may be needed to gauge interest or close sales right away. In a paid SEM campaign, you can be as strategic as you want. “You can change things like the time of day your ads run. The geographic locations you want to reach. Even demographic information (age, gender, etc.) can be accessed in AdWords dashboard.” (Go Local) Further in your strategy, you can make changes real time. If a landing page you are driving traffic to is preforming better than another, you can shut down the lower performing paid campaign and further fund the higher performing campaign.

SEO is the more authentic way to drive traffic as you are not paying for traffic. The most obvious plus is that you don’t have to spend on advertisements. Through SEO, you take the inbound approach of selling where you let your audience look for you. You are not in their face with a message but position your website in an easy to find place for when they are looking. Due to this soft, inbound approach, your site is more likely to be clicked on than a paid SEM approach. “Although PPC ads appear above organic rankings, 71.33% of searches result in a click on an organic result on the first page.” (The Daily Egg)

A combination of both paid and organic marketing is most likely best for you. Finding the balance is the important part.

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